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Childish and Innocent
Hello fellow deviants,

Thank you for your enthusiasm, community spirit and all the things you have accomplished this year.

Deviants new and old alike, whether you have just buzzed out of the site for some time or continued full steam ahead, we hope you and your loved ones are safe, happy, and carry on to the times ahead. You have thousands and thousands of cells (and some fair share of wonderful bacteria) working together to keep you going. Even if this year was grumbly, hopefully, all of you can move forward being who you are, openness and something awesome!

Let's get rid of all the negative things that have happened. There are things we may never forget, but let's be strong and move forward!

And fight on!

Take care!



dA Connection/Slowdown issues for users

For several days, many dA users are not able to access the site. Connection/slowdown isses, pages not loading means many who are trying to access the site or contact people are not able to do so. This is leading many people to confusion. deviantART is already aware of the situation and they are continuously working to get it fixed soon!

They have announced it in their deviantART Status section of help:

You can keep up to date with any announcements by email they make through deviantART Status by subscribing to it (click the link below):

-> How to Subscribe to the deviantART Status Forum and to Individual Posts

However, many are not able to even access the deviantART Status page, as the same issue persists there, as you have to log in there to click subscribe. Many who have commissioners waiting, status updates and other communications waiting means the people on the other end of the communication are not aware why the people they need to contact may not be able to respond for this period of time, so this announcement is to let them know about this. If you are able to share it across the net, know others who are not aware of this situation, please let them know that it may be for this particular reason. If you are able to subscribe to the deviantART Status, do so so you may be personally updated for any updates regarding dA through email.

You can also reblog this same information on Tumblr from here: Click Here

You can always contact dA to get the info, such as these:

deviantART Tumblr
Contact deviantART Help Desk
deviantART Help Desk Status Updates l How to subscribe to status forum
deviantART Facebook

This post is only to let everyone know that dA team is already aware of the situation and they are working on it. Stay positive and creative!

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I used to idle in the chatroom, now is dead..... :O I don't know what I used to do in there :XD:
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